Saturday, April 13, 2013


     I have been having a really tough time at my service learning school. These past few visits have definitely been a struggle and test of my patience. I have become very aggravated with one student and am doing my best not to lose my temper with him. I wish I was not saying this but I can not wait to be done with my service learning.
     The last visit I had in the kindergarten class was yesterday. Not only was it a Friday, it was the day before April vacation AND reading week. It was only two hours like the rest of my visits and yet it seemed to never end. The students were extremely riled up and did not want to focus. I try so hard each day to be patient with the students but this visit was unbearable.
     I struggled to keep my cool with one particular student that I usually work with. He has trouble with reading and writing so I always sit with him and help with the assignments. During this visit, he threw a crayon at a student, cried about his chair being too low to the ground, and had a temper tantrum over doing the work. I understand that he is five and struggles to comprehend some assignments but all he had to do was write a sentence. He just was not having it and neither was I. I did what Dr. Bogad advised and walked away until he was ready to learn but at that point I was ready to leave all together.

COMMENTS: This website provides great tips for staying calm and keeping your cool. I definitely need these tips if I want to become a teacher. I am struggling enough being in the classroom for two hours a week, never mind over six hours every day. My service learning classroom teacher deserves a great April vacation. I do not know how she deals with the chaos every single day.

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  1. Hey Kerri! I'm so glad you posted this. As I have also been talking to a couple of others, the two hrs never seems to end. I also have been dealing with a couple of unruly kids and it's very hard to keep patience. But I think this can also be a good experience because it will show us how we would like to run our classrooms and grow into becoming a teacher. :]